SEO Is The Captain of Your Website

Search Engine Optimization is not done on a project by project basis, but works with the development and programming teams to provide best practices and enhancements to coding standards that make the website work more efficiently.

It is not something that you consider as a part of a sprint, but rather something that everyone asks, “Is this SEO friendly and will this help our visibility in the search engines, or are we hurting ourselves by not adhering to a best practice standard.”

In the Agile environment, to be rigid will only help diminish the solidarity that the programming and development teams have and will not provide an environment that helps move projects ahead in the best way possible. This has the same effect on SEO. If you are too rigid and don’t include SEO as a part of the process and only think of it as a project by project basis, then the website development will suffer as a whole.

Search Engine Optimization is the captain of your website. It is the process that helps guide a website in the right direction with best practices and standards and helps guide developers and programmers to execute good code.

When you do not have SEO as a “top of mind” priority, websites suffer. Algorithm updates will penalize websites (Panda, Hummingbird, Penguin, Pigeon), bad redirects will directly affect rankings, traffic, and authority; page load times that aren’t kept in check reduce mobile traffic and directly affect rankings and traffic; poor coding standards create bad online experiences; and the list goes on. By not directly managing developers and holding them to higher standards, your overall site will suffer and never be able to compete at the level that you expect.

In conclusion, by not including SEO as an everyday best practice within coding standards, copy-writing, and in any other process that directly affects the organic traffic of a website, you will not be able to compete to the level that you want.



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