Thanksgiving Tips – Keep the Turkey Stuffed, Not You

I wrote a post on Facebook earlier today about a tip on how not to over-stuff yourself this Thanksgiving.  Since many of you will be eating turkey or tur-duck-ens, or any sort of other birds that are stuffed, this is how to keep the bird stuffed and not you.

Many houses or restaurants have a buffet style layout, and many will have a couple of different sized plates available, too. If they aren’t available, simply ask for a smaller plate. Here is where you are going to ask, “Why would I use a smaller plate? Isn’t that just for the salad?” And here is where I say, “It’s all about illusion.”

How many times do you go to a buffet, take the large plate and proceed to fill it up with as much as you can? How many different types of fabulous foods can you fit on one plate? And, when you’re done, how many of you leave much or some of it behind? We all do that from time to time. So, this is where the smaller plate comes into play. Choose the smaller plate, take smaller portions and enjoy a smaller plate of what you really love, rather than over-eating or over-indulging. If there is something you haven’t tried before, take enough for 2 SMALL bites, rather than 4 large ones. In this manner, you’ll eat less, enjoy more of what you love and waste less, too.

As you enjoy your Thanksgiving, make sure you have a nice full glass of ice cold water and keep drinking it. For every 16 oz of ice cold water you drink, your body will burn 17.5 calories (Discovery Health – Does Drinking Water Burn Calories?). Steer clear of sweet drinks and sodas if you’re really counting calories. Treat them as treats, not a staple. I live in the South and Southerners LOVE their sweet tea, but it’s LOADED with sugar. And they are generous with their sugar (to me, it tastes like flat root beer syrup). Rather than having several glasses, have one, and drink water. Also, water will help keep you fuller so you don’t eat too much.

Keep the alcohol in moderation and consider this – light beer has fewer calories because it has less alcohol. So, rather than indulge in lots of light beers, choose a higher gravity beer that’s full of flavor that will go well with your Turkey Day food and share them. Drink them slow, savor the flavor, just like your smaller plate of food.

And, if you want more after your smaller plate of food, remember this – vegetables make great seconds. They are high in fiber and ┬áminerals (assuming you’re eating them fresh) and will help keep you full without adding a whole lot of calories. If they are saturated in butter, fat and salt, beware, though.

And that’s one other thing. As you’re cooking your food, be considerate of the amount of salt you use in your food. I once had some Thanksgiving food from a very Southern Country family, and I thought that all I was eating was salt disguised as food. Salt will also make you retain water and add to that bloated feeling.

So, those are my healthy tips for this Thanksgiving. Happy Eating, and Give Thanks for everyone and everything.



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