Google AdWords PPC Test

OK, so I have used both of Google’s Traffic estimators, the one IN the Google Adwords campaign and the one outside of it. Both yielded different results. The one outside of Adwords was two times more than the one that was in Adwords. Here are my thoughts as to why this is:

Using the Google Traffic Estimator IN Adwords will yield lower estimated costs because they are going at it from a high Quality Score and that will get you a campaign that will cost less but have higher clicks and ad positions.

Using the Google Traffic Estimator outside of Adwords by regular people will probably generate higher costs because you aren’t:

1.) In Google Adwords

2.) Thinking about doing a campaign but probably new and not sure how.

3.) You proably aren’t sure how to optimize your ads.

All these factors will result a higher campaign cost over all. Even Google says it,

“The way we calculate your ad rank is by multiplying your Quality Score by your max CPC. So, if you have a high Quality Score, you don’t need to have as high a CPC as someone with a lower Quality Score. When we make initial estimates, we assume a solid Quality Score- which is probably why the estimates were lower.”  Here’s the Link

So, I am working with another campaign and trying to figure out what the overall costs are going to be. We took the lower valued campaign estimate, divided it by thre and came up with a general number. Granted, this is a messy guesstimation, but it’s the best that we can come up with. The reason for this is that the campaign is running in one metro area, with the possibility of some surrounding cities. Our other campaigns that have had high campaign estimates never reached those estimates. And, for the content network, one of our campaigns running in that area with image ads was about 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of the text ads on the search network. Even the CPCs were about 1/2 to 1/3 of the text ads. So, for that campaign, we took the cost of the text ads on the Search Network and just cut it in half and proposed that as an estimate.

So, I’m hoping that by taking the lower estimate, dividing it by 3 for a local metro area will help us get a better idea on how to esimate our clients’ ad campaigns that run in very limited areas. And from that, to guesstimate the Content Network cost, we took the new estimate from the Search Network and divided that by half.

This ought to be interesting to watch.

Here are the numbers:

Lower Google Traffic Estimator: About $4500

Higher Google Traffic Estimator: About $8100

Our New estimates: $1500 for Search Network text ads and $750 for Content Network image ads.

I’m hoping my logic isn’t too unfounded. The geographic area has a population of about 303,000.

So, do you think I’m nuts or does this make sense?



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