The 280 Can Be Fixed

This is a letter than was sent to the News as well as ALDOT by my dad. The News never published it and he still has not heard back from ALDOT.
HWY 280 can be “fixed”.  There are three viable ways to alleviate the traffic congestion.
The first, and least expensive, is to properly time the traffic signal lights.  It has been done in other states, through many municipalities and across numerous freeways.  Either ALDOT does not know how, or they don’t care.
The second, more expensive fix, is to create a limited access road.  To do this from Cherokee Road to Chelsea (12.3 miles) would cost an estimated $117 million.  This idea was proposed over 10 years ago  … why wasn’t it done then?
The third and most expensive fix is the elevated highway.  At an estimated cost of $20 million per mile for 12.3 miles, that comes out to $246 million, plus access and egress costs which would add at least $56M for a total of $302 million.  Not to mention the increased fatality rate on elevated highways.
Is  there going to be a “fix” or are we just going to get more million dollar “message boards” that generate inane messages?  Or keep throwing millions of dollars at more studies?  The way ALDOT operates, I’m afraid we know the answer!


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