It’s Time To Ride Again

Well, Spring has finally hit and it is time to get out riding again. This last weekend I held an impromptu ride to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens (Twitter: @BBGardens) with some friends. 2 of us rode, one followed in her car. Now, I have to tell you this, the last time I rode was back in June ’09. I then had a major shoulder injury that curbed me from riding. But, I was bound and determined to get back out riding this year. So, I got my insurance on my bike Friday night after work was all done and was ready to go on Saturday.

What a gorgeous day it was! Windy, but beautiful. My friend rode down on his ’08 CBR 1000 and we got ready to go from my place. I got all my gear on and started up my little ’06 Ninja 250. It took a little bit to get her up the hill, but heck, it’s been almost a year. I managed. Crested the hill and then it was on. We stopped to get a little gas and then headed out on the 280.

Mind you, it’s been since last year that I rode, and the only time I was on the 280 was for about a tenth of a mile to go meet a friend and then head back home. This time, I took the 280 like a courageous kitten on my little 250. It was a bit challenging at first, but I relaxed, headed forward and enjoyed my ride. I do have to tell you, though, riding on a motorcycle while it’s windy out is quite nerve-racking.  The fastest I have ever gone on my bike is about 40-45mph down Valleydale. This was a whole new experience.

I was in the lead since I knew where we were going. I pushed myself just some and accomplished this great ride. The 3 of us that went looked like the misfit trio. Roberta in her miniskirt, Carcel the 6’2″ country boy on his Honda CBR and black leather jacket, and me, the short n’ spicy noob with all my glorious Scorpion and Icon gear on. Talk about a totally mismatched trio. But, Oh! Did we have fun!

After we got through the gardens we decided to ride up to the Village Tavern for lunch. After lunch, one of the servers, Jessica begged us for a ride. Since I am a noobie, I let her use my helmet as she hopped on to the back of Carcel’s bike. About 10 minutes later, a wide-eyed Jessica and a smiling Carcel came back. Fun times!

We came back to my place. Well, correction, I didn’t mean to, but I left Carcel and Roberta at a light as I rode through a yellow. Oh dear, now I was on my own. Carcel finally caught up with me and we all safely got back to my place. We stretched out, I took off all my gear (that all probably weighs a good 20 lbs) and we watched some TV.

Later that night, Roberta and I decided to head out to On Tap so I could see some friends. I parked just right in an open parking spot next to a handicap parking spot. Well, someone decided that they wanted the same parking spot and knocked over my bike. Note, did you remember that I just got my insurance THE NIGHT BEFORE? Yeah. Lucky me. I called the police made a report and he made fun of me for not driving like a bat out of hell. Um, yeah, why would I? He decided that I was no fun as he would never be able to pull me over. Hah!

Well, luckily there was someone there to help me out. We unbent the handle bar and the shifter, he tested her out, and I was good to go home. However, she is looking a little rough around the edges to say the least.

I rode today to work, though, as I had to take my little girl to the shop. Beautiful day, too. Again, I traverse the 280 for the 3rd time in 4 days. You can say either I’m nuts, or just that I’m tenacious in getting used to riding. Probably both. Well, regardless, she’s at the shop and getting checked out. Hopefully, it’s not too bad, but I suppose we shall see.

All-in-all, I have had a good couple of days riding for this year. It’s beautiful out. So much so that it’s nice to finally be back on my bike.

If you ride, be careful out there. Most of us have had our bikes up for the winter and may be a little rusty. Take it easy, ATGATT (all the gear all the time) and make sure you enjoy 10% of your ride when you can and pay full attention 100% of the time. The other 90% of your ride, just make sure that you stay visible to those idiots that forget we’re out on the roads!
Best Wishes!

Rebecca Lynn Morrow
SEO Guru & Strategist of Birmingham, AL
And avid motorcycle rider



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