Birmingham TweetUp March 2010

Our March TweetUp was based on how to use Social Media Marketing for yourself in the right way. Strike up a conversation, don’t sit there and sell yourself like a TV Commercial.

Last week we had a TweetUp at Shift Workspace in Birmingham, AL. Our topic was on how Amber Nusland made $100 K With Twitter. She worked Twitter like one would work a job expo or networking meeting. You don’t sell yourself, you acquaint yourself with those around you, find out what they like and meet them on a personal level. When it’s time that they ask, “So, what do you do?” she tells them, sans the sales pitch.

How many of you use Twitter as a sale pitch? Even Facebook? You send out your sales pitch, “Hey, check out my services!” or “Hey, look at what I can do for you!” or “Are you having problems, I can help, contact me now!” Great, we all see these same marketing posts on Google, Yahoo! and Bing… they are called Pay Per Click ads. Thank you, but no – most of us would like to engage in a conversation. That is what Social Media is all about. A conversation. And once a month we take it to real time and face-to-face.

The talk went well, although, we did talk of who still uses AOL email, Hotmail, how we have reserved our names or business names in various free email programs and other miscellaneous topics. There were a lot of great ideas that were passed around, and, some are sticking.

Those that were in presence were :






(if I didn’t mention you name, please, email me or post your comment!)

As the meeting waned, a few of us ladies came up with a great idea. We are going to meet to build a whole new TweetUp. One that includes small local businesses that are wondering about the “interwebs,” Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing. It will be more like an Open House for those that have questions for those of us in those industries regarding those topics, along with WordPress design and development, blogging and more.

I started up the monthly TweetUps for Birmingham just so that we could come together, talk about various topics, and apply them to our clients, potential clients, and businesses around us. I think that we could really teach businesses around us about Social Media and various aspects of Search Marketing.

I look forward to our meetings once a month, and the new ideas that are coming forth. It’s all about how to use Social Media Marketing and Search Optimization the right way to gain the trust that you want in your followers and clients.



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