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Question from a LinkedIn User:

Why would I want to block a follower? Can I? A discussion w/pros revealed an aversion to spam-but if I’m not following someone, I can’t get their spam, right?So does it matter who is following me?

My answer:

I have had to block people just because I don’t want them following me. These are the creepy types with very little interaction, or it’s the same group of pipe sales men that all seemed to have been laid off from the same company and are selling the same way on how to make thousands of dollars on Google. I mean, for real. Authentic, genuine content is what I preach, and I would like for that to be seen with the people that follow me.

The great thing about the new Twitter emails is that you can recognize the spammers right off the bat (following 1000+ people, 3-600 or so following back 25 updates). What was so good about their updates? Oh, trying to sell me ways to get rich fast and monetize Twitter. Hrm… BLOCK.

Unless you are a spammer, content is key, content is king and even your followers (which will be looked at by people viewing your profile) are a part of your content. I may not have thousands, if even hundreds of followers, but I can guarantee you that the mass majority of my followers are certainly ones that I would want to follow me. Plus, I engage and interact with them. That’s something to be said about the spammers, they don’t interact (believe me, I’ve tried).

This is all in my own personal and honest opinion. (now, off to go check those emails again).



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