How to Get More Twitter Followers

I have noticed some changes in Twitter lately; some are good, and some bad. Twitter followers can be one of two things – annoying spammers or quality people truly interested in what you say. So, how do you figure them out? One way to notice a spam is that they are following thousands, have a fraction of that following them, and have had the same tweet in 3 different ways about how they made a bazillion dollars working for Google, Yahoo, MSN, their mother, aunt, or selling miracle fruit berries for weight loss. I’m sure you’ve seen the ads on your favorite blog, in Facebook or even possibly the ad off to the side of your email.

For a while there, I was worried about a pipe company that had laid off so many of their pipe salesmen, I didn’t know what to do as they all started following me. Well, not really, I can smell a spammer from a mile away, and find out approximately how many sites that say the same thing. Copy and paste what looks like unique content and you’ll get a plethora of the exact same results.

But what about getting quality people following you? And what do you do with all those spammers riding your coattails but are silent in all of your conversations?

First of all, Twitter has a new email out now that lets you see a few new neat things:

1. Their profile picture.

2. How many Twitters they are following?

3. How many Twitters are following them?

4. Most importantly, how many updates have they made?

From this little bit of information, you know exactly the steps you can take.

1. Ignore the emails all together. You’re just happy to have followers (not the best step to take)

2. Thank them for following you

3. Thank them for following you and follow them back

4. Block them from following you

The little bit of information really helps in your overall quick decision as to what you want to do as soon as you get that email. The image below shows what the new Twitter Follower emails look like. Just by looking at it, I can tell just a few things such as this person is following a lot of people, way more than I even imagine following, they have 603 followers but only 31 updates? This little equation to me sends up the red flags. After checking out the Twitter profile, I decided that I don’t want to follow this person, and their profile is all about selling marketing tips and other junk that I don’t need. This course of action is best as once you start following people like this, your own following will be overrun by Twitter Spammers.

Now I can see who I want to follow and who I don’t want to follow once those emails start coming into my email box. But what about getting more quality and qualified followers? What I have done is strike up conversations with people I’m following, retweet their tweets and find conventions to tweet about as well. BarCamp Birmingham was a great way to get many more followers, and many quality followers, too.

There is no magic wand for sure, but content in king. And reliable, interesting, intriguing content is king. Just the content from this mini-conference lent me nearly 100 followers in one weekend, most of them quality ones, too.

Just like the content on your website, you need to figure out what market, what niche, what key phrases people are using to come to you and start using them in your own content. You can do this in a couple of ways. You can use hashtags (#) with your key phrases, or go to Twitter and start searching for what people are saying. Both of these ways will start helping you get the followers you want.

If you are going to use the #hashtags, your keywords are going to look like this – #socialmediamarketing, #twitterfollowers, etc. These techniques will really help you get some real quality followers.

Now that you have some followers and you’re following some people in your industry, what’s next? Start conversing with your followers, ask them questions, and get them involved in what you’re saying. Retweeting is also important. Retweeting, or repeating, what someone else says will get your name noticed in their replies box. By doing this, you could very well get another follower. Don’t just retweet what your followers are saying, go out there and research what others are saying, retweet that for your own followers. This helps everyone get involved and get more followers the natural way.

When you are Tweeting, it is not all business. It’s a human way of being the voice of your company or your industry. Maybe you had a great weekend with the folks, or you and your buddies found a great restaurant. Tweet what you are doing, what you’re thinking, and ask others what they think. But, caution to the wise – if all you are tweeting about is going to bars and clubs, or talking about your newest specials, people will eventually unfollow you. Share your information wisely.

Another way to find followers is to use the #wefollow. It Isa User Powered Twitter Directory. Find the tags that best fit your business or your content and start following those people. Also, use the #hashtag for that directory that you found the people that you are following, and you’ll see you will start to get more quality Twitter Followers.

Twitter is powerful for businesses, but it can be the first downfall for one as well. It is the public forum for which you can either rise up or fail miserably. This is your chance to open your business up to a conversation with your potential customers, competitors and to publicly apologize for any mishaps. Choose your Tweets wisely; the whole world is now watching you.



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