Keywords or Key Phrases? Is There Really a Difference?

Part of successful search engine optimization is choosing the right words for your site, and optimizing your site for those words. But what is the difference between keywords and key phrases and how can it affect the quality of traffic to my site?

The definition of a keyword by SEOBook is:
“A word or phrase which implies a certain mindset or demand that targeted prospects are likely to search for.

Long tail and brand related keywords are typically worth more than shorter and vague keywords because they typically occur later in the buying cycle and are associated with a greater level of implied intent.”

Hence, key phrases are made up of keywords that target the demands of your potential customers and clients. The more targeted a key phrase is, the more likely a potential customer is looking for what you do, who you are, and what you sell. Searchers today are much savvier than they were just a few years ago. They are drilling down to what they want from you, whether you are local or nationwide.

An example of a broad keyword versus a targeted phrase would be china as a keyword and white china tableware as a key phrase. Relevancy is extremely important when getting potential customers to your site. You don’t know what people are really looking for when they just type in China into a search engine. They could be looking for vacations in China, researching the Chinese government, cultural views, or researching different types of china tableware. The more specific your phrases are, the more qualified your traffic will be. There is no sense in having five thousand visitors a day come to your site if you aren’t offering what they are looking for.

There are broad and niche key phrases for every industry as well. Let’s say you are offering china tableware, but you have a specific niche of tableware that most people don’t offer – hand painted china tableware. You can still use both key phrases, china tableware and hand painted china tableware. They are both going to bring you visitors, but one is more likely to end in a sale, but there might be potential customers coming to your site with the more broad phrase.

Finding the right keywords and phrases is a daunting task. Where do you start? What tools can you trust? Infomedia’s professionals can help you find a list of broad and niche key phrases that best represent your company. And depending on the SEO (search engine optimization) package you choose, we will help you identify the best key phrases to target first.

There are millions of people out there searching, are you getting the qualified traffic you deserve?

by rebecca morrow copyright 2009



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