Content and Competition

Search Engine Optimization Today

Search Engine Optimization has been around for over 10 years, and has morphed into be a fiercely competitive service. Just a few years ago, some small tweaks on a site could yield you great rankings in the search engines. Nowadays, it could be a total overhaul of your website, increasing your content, link building and a sundry of other things that need to be done to get traffic, leads and sales.

More Content, More Competition

Do a search in the search engines, and millions of results are out there. Not like 5, 6 or even 10 years ago when millions of websites just didn’t seem possible. The Internet was just too new, and just seemed too risky. Times are changing, and now millions of search results seem to be commonplace. One of the main reasons for this influx in results is content. So much more content is being written, it’s diluting the web and creating more competition. A matter that is hard to swallow, especially for new websites. The more content and competition, the harder it is to get the rankings you need.  We have always talked about “Rankings Rankings Rankings!” However, what is a ranking if it’s not converting for you and not getting you the leads you need to survive?

Getting the number one ranking is great, but if it’s not sending you traffic and getting conversions, then something is wrong. The common searcher is far savvier today than yesterday, and they are getting smarter and smarter with their searches. You may get the number one ranking for your industry, but if no one clicks on it, what’s the use? That is why key phrase selection, optimization and utilization are so important on your website.


Optimized Content for Targeted Traffic

The traffic you want to bring to your site needs to be targeted. That is why key phrases selection and optimization is so important. To get this targeted traffic you need content. To get the content, you need to know what your customers are using as their key phrases to find your products and services. Truly optimized and good content is unique content. Content needs to be fresh and creative. Don’t copy your competitors, or use their content. Use your own ideas to create unique and interesting content for your site. Even if you can’t come up with the content yourself, it’s better that you use some one that has the experience to create unique and optimized content for you. You will be able to give them an idea of what you do, and they will be able to generate the right content that will work for your site.


Targeted Traffic

Once your content is done and has been optimized, it will take time for the search engines to spider your content. Watching not only your rankings, but the traffic you get from those rankings will tell you if minor tweaks and changes need to be made. Searchers are the most impatient people on earth. They don’t read each result in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), but rather skimming them, searching for their keywords and semantically similar phrases. This is how you get the targeted traffic to your site and increase your overall conversions. Rankings are important for your visibility, but targeting your content is what will get you leads that will turn into sales.



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